Robotic Spray Painting Arm

The robotic Spray Painting Arm application is widely used in the automotive industry because automotive robots are accurate and consistent and have a high-quality finish.

Robot Painting Automation

Painting Application is widely used in the automotive industry because automotive robots are accurate and consistent and have a high-quality finish. Even though, painting automation is a robot application most frequently found in the car industry production line automation process. However, suppliers chain manufacturing are starting to introduce industrial robots in their processes.

Today’s market is aggressive, and there is a need to keep competitive and robots are helping manufacturers to achieve their objectives. Click for some robot statistics.

The automobile painting process is quite complex, hazardous, harmful for healthy, and strenuous jobs. Nowadays, paint is applied by robots but when purchasing a robot for painting applications, it is essential to ensure that the robot is an explosion-proof robot arm.

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Top 5 Types of Painting Robots

Top 5 robotic Painting

The most common models are the standard 6-axis automotive paint robot. For Painting and Coating in ATEX environments, there are various systems for robot painting, but we do not recommend any because the robot painting depends on what the customer requires and what extras or accessories require.

Some of the most popular paint robots are FANUC painting robots, ABB painting robots, KUKA painting robots and Motoman painting robots. See the Top 5 Robots used for painting automation:

ABB IRB 5500 (Flexpainter) that enable a wider working range, integrated 7-axes both interior and exterior automotive painting.

  1. FANUC robot painting standards and long arm version P-50iB and P-250i
  2. KUKA KR AGILUS combined with paint application. Equipped with a Dürr painting.
  3. Motoman painting robot – MPO/MPX series robots, MPX3500 six-axis robot arms to its line of paint robots.
  4. Stäubli Paint Robots TX and RX robots with PaintiXen software.

Features of Robotic Painting

All robots have certain features that differ from each other and these features allow them to have a good quality finish painting. Likewise, it enables the robot to paint any object with a minimum of waste.

For example, the cables and the paint tubes of the robots are some of the elements that it is important to consider when purchasing a robotic spray painting arm. All the cables can run through the wrist instead of outside avoiding them getting painted. Similarly, the configuration of the paint robots maximises efficiency, performance, and cleanliness. In order to achieve this, we find wall-mounted painting robots or floor mounting robots, in this way, users can make the best use of the space in the production plant.

Customised Automation Packages

Painting Robot car manufacturing

Another feature that varies according to the robot brand is the painting software, this feature is extremely important because it helps the robot to program easily the complex painting trajectories and it can include 3D models.

Robot Integrator for Robotic Painting Cell

Consult always with a robot integrator, they guide not only what other equipment to buy but also where to get it. For example, the robotic spray requires pressure regulators, degree of freedom of the robot, applicator, programming software for painting robots, and colour changer to name a few.

The robot integrator will help with the integration of the painting and process equipment. Robots require the painting process parameters with tracking systems for paint finishing consistency. For example, the user interfaces with process control systems, and gets an idea of the ROI, and after-sale support. It is the whole automation package. Phoenix’s extensive automated painting experience can help you overcome any challenges with paint finishing throughput, consistency, and quality.

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