Welding Robots

When invest in just one robotic cell in welding robot system could take over a higher percentage of the total welding output, therefore a greater ROI. Phoenix will ensure that you get the best of your return on investment (ROI) during the installation of the robotic systems.

welding robot

Main Benefits of Welding Robot

  • 1. Lower production cost
  • 2. Increased production & reduce cycle time
  • 3. Consistency and repeatability
  • 4. Quality of the welds
  • 5. Reduce the overall cost of the product

Robot’s Trend Tendency

Industrial robots prices have going down in the last years. Furthermore, the price will depend on the following factors: the reach of the robot; type of the welding such as TIG, MIG, Plasma and Spot welder; the controller for welding operations; payload; cell design; robot simulation; programming or traning, if necessary.

Therefore, it’s crucial to understand what the customer’s needs are and the robot automation systems that fulfill all the needs. Also, we will carry out a simulation test to ensure the success of the project.