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The two main considerations for selecting a used robot or new robot will be payload and working envelope.

Robot payload is the weight a robot arm can lift including the weight of the end of arm tooling to reach the working envelope or work area; therefore there are some factors of a robot’s design: configurations, axes or degrees of freedom, when both of these features are equally present in industrial robot, it will give you the maximum benefit.

A certify used robot procedure

  • Clean, prepare and paint used robot with a 2-part epoxy paint for extra protection from the outside.
  • Check backlash and repeatability of all axes to re-certify to the original specifications.
  • Replace any components that don’t meet the specifications including motors, cables and others.
  • Look for any rusted part which is very common in used robot.
  • Conduct a full preventative maintenance check, changing grease and controller batteries.
  • Add water resistance and cooling system in the robot to increase its lifeline.
  • Load robot controller with the latest software revision available and according to client’s request.
  • Add any other software options including vision, rail or turntable
  • Perform an eight-hour runoff at full robot payload to ensure that the robot works properly

What to consider when buying a used robot?

  • Change any components in the robot controller such as a servo amplifier for better performance
  • Hours of operation for a robot are not necessarily the same as the robot wear and tear.
  • Workload taking capacity of the robot’s arms and internal mechanisms
  • Another element to consider is how to program the robot, i.e. how smoothly the robot performed in its previous application.
  • It is important to confirm whether or when the motors, gearboxes were changed, because they are typically the most expensive parts that will fail on a robot and time consuming to replace.
  • In addition, don’t assume that your robot will automatically come with the End-of-Arm tooling (EOAT). We can provide and help you to find a suitable EOAT according to your specific applications.
  • The condition of the internal and external parts of the robot

Our team of engineers with years of experience and knowledge will ensure you get a certify used robot and the used robot integration.

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