Robotic Training

Robotic Training

Robotic training

Why you should provide the Robotic Training to the staff?

Robotic training is essential in new installations and contributes to faster and more effective start-ups. However, robot operators should be updated with the latest robotic training because of new robot manufacturer specifications. For example, ABB Training, KUKA Training and Fanuc Robot training, these robot brand vary and they continue to improve the performance of the robot.

Robot manufacturers emphasise the ease of use of modern courses for programming, teaching and simulation tools. However, there are important differences between conventional automation and robotic applications because of the size and power of most industrial robots, the severity of injuries is potentially great.

Furthermore, the most common way to program a robot is via teach pendant, it controls the way that teach-and-playback robots. In addition, we customise our training courses according to your own applications and customer requirements.

Therefore, we recommend a maximum of 3 students per course is encouraged to ensure a high level of practical experience.

Robotic training

ABB robotics training, Robot FANUC training, Robot KUKA training

We can provide customised training or robotic courses for the following subjects:

  • Basic Programming.
  • Advanced Programming.
  • Mechanical Maintenance.
  • Electrical Maintenance.

Each of these courses can be run at your premises to fit around your production schedules or if you prefer. For instance, we can offer training at our training facilities. After our training, with our manuals for reference, you should feel confident to tackle most problems but if you need further advice, we make sure that our support team are available to give guidance and advice while you are still learning.

Phoenix provides on-site customised training (ABB robotics training, Robot FANUC training, Robot KUKA training) for any manufacturing application you may require. As a result, you will increase efficiency, safety and reduced downtime. On-site Customised Robotic Training.

Most importantly, our trainers have a certification from ABB Robots, Fanuc Robots, KUKA Robots and Motoman Robots.

robotic training

Maximize your investment with our robotic training

  • Convenience: Held right at your facility to meet your scheduling needs.
  • Cost Effective: Train entire groups of employees for one low rate.
  • Customization: Add specific training components or select additional topics.
  • Fast Results: Allow your staff to maximise the potential of your investment rapidly
  • Flexibility: Using your facility means employees don’t have to travel.
  • Experience: Phoenix has the benefit of vast experience base in automation.

Contact Us for our training program. For example Robot ABB training, Robot Fanuc training, Robot Kuka training and Motoman training. In the meantime, see additional information about Robot integration

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