Robotic Milling

Robotic Milling can make the milling process more flexible. Any object from wood, plastic and metal, carbon fiber or aluminium, of any size or shape can be milled by simply adjusting the end of the robot and the robot programming.

Robotic Milling


The three-main difference between Robotic Milling and CNC Machine

  • 1. Robot Milling are cheaper than CNC Machines
  • 2. Robot Milling ensure high degree of flexibility
  • 3. Milling robots are extremely accurate

Robots are in every industry. For example, we found robots in car industry, aerospace, marine, nuclear, and more. Therefore, there is an increase in the use of an industrial robot, and we cannot ignore the advantages that robotic bring to the world. All this is even more impressive when you look at the flexibility of a robot cell design and the number and type of jobs that they can perform.

robot applications

Robotic Milling Maintenance-Free

The industrial robot will significantly reduce the total number of electrical and mechanical components for maintenance or repair. Furthermore, they are maintenance-free, they require only greasing every six months to 3 years and changing of batteries annually. Besides, by adding the tool Changers increase reliability by eliminating operator intervention and changeover procedure. See some robot statistics.

Robotic Integration Products

Robotic Milling Integration

    Manufacturing is changing and they are incorporating new technologies, it means they require more complex shapes in the manufacturing process. For example, the car industry or aerospace industry, they are constantly innovating. However, it is not easy to get the desired shape using the traditional machine to built some of the car or aeroplane parts because the part is just too big for the machine.

    The practical solution is the industrial robots with their 6 or 7-axis they are able to reach large parts. Industries require accuracy and consistency when they build parts for the best performance of the assembly-line production.

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