System Integration Products & Services

Robotic integration companies’ solutions, Phoenix Control Systems provides complete automation packages including control system integration as well as robot automation. We can deliver the perfect industrial automation solution from design and manufacture to installation and commissioning. Therefore, our experts will be pleased to assist you in getting the best of your robotic project or systems automation.

Robotic Integration Company Solutions

Whether your company is considering investing in robot automation for the first time or looking to expand your current robotic systems, Phoenix provides new robot integration or reconditioned robot automation. We are robot integration company with expertise in robotic projects.

We understand the importance of every robot’s specifications. Therefore, we can suggest the best option and technology on the market to fit the current and future needs.

We are most successful when we’re able to integrate and support our customers fully. Therefore, most of the companies don’t look at automation as a commodity only but understand there is a real value with robotic integration. Besides, it is essential to participate with them from the very beginning to help them forecast their spend plan. Also, robot integrator should keep updated in new technologies. See our recent article Industrial Automation more modern technology.

Once the robot integrator identifies the right robot for your application, the next step is to determine the ROI (Return on Investment) of the project. Therefore, we provide an excellent tool to help our customers to have a good idea of the return on investment with our Robot ROI calculator. We offer the following robotics services:



We manufacture only the best quality industrial control panel all over America and the UK. We carefully tested all our industrial control panels before we deliver to our clients. In preparation for any integration project, the manufacturer should focus on clear selection criteria for their control system integrator and project objectives. Example of these criteria is industry experience, technological expertise, knowledge of the market, project management skills, material costs, support throughout the entire project and follow-up capabilities are critical components for success. Control system includes engineering, integration, panel wiring design, plc programming and control panel manufacture, and robotic integration systems.


Robot Simulation is proof of design that the robotic system will operate without any problem. Consult with your robot integrator if your project requires simulation or if you require any specific simulation software for your operation, users need to consult before anything is installed on the floor plant because the simulation of the robot maximises the return on investment. Also check out System Integrators vs the impact of the Industrie 4.0


Feel free to contact us for your robotic integration company solutions. We provide high standard management support from our team of industrial automation experts. For Instance, our Industrial robot solution includes:

  • After Sale Technical Support
  • Emergency Repair
  • Robot Simulation


A robot is a machine designed to execute one or more tasks automatically with speed and precision, helping increase production. Therefore, our expertise as a robot integrator offers a vast range of different automation services. Additional, there are many types of industrial robots for all kind of applications and sectors. We will be happy to help you find the best solution that fit your business.


Articulated robots can perform a variety of applications such as welding robots, cutting, material handling, painting robots, milling and others. Additional, the robot uses a gripper or a custom-designed tool, that can be changed to fit different robot applications or even be customised to perform several operations. However, some of the most common tasks are:

Phoenix integrates robotic automation systems from a single robot to multiple production line robots for all kind of robot applications. Therefore, we will assist in finding the best robotic integration solutions for your business.


Industrial Robot Applications

Our engineers can design and integrate quality industrial robot application and control systems equipment from many different manufacturers