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Phoenix will ensure that you’ll get the most from your investment. We will work together with our partners to provide a complete automation process with the latest robot simulation software technology. We will analyse your robotic system needs, work on the robot cell design for approval and put the automation into production.



Robot Simulation is proof of design that the robotic system will operate without any problem. Consult with your robot integrator if your project requires a simulation or if you require any specific simulation software for your operation by simulating the robots before the installation maximises the return on investment.

Some companies require their own CAD/CAM software package while others just require a simulation to reduce the risks of the integration.

CAD/CAM robot software solve sophisticated design and machining problems. Robot simulation software is making industrial robots accessible to all industry. Aeronautical industry and even in nuclear reactors are increasingly using simulation in the majority of the applications. Although most of the robot manufacturer has their robot software package such as KUKA|prc, due to the complexity of the design, it may require special robot software to simulate the task.

Phoenix is a robot integrator company with integration package, including robot simulation.

Top 3 Advantages of Robot Simulation

Indeed, a proper robot simulation ensures users are receiving the robot integration system for your application. Today’s market robot software capability is becoming cheaper and helping companies to stay more competitive.

  • Reduce Automation Risk
  • Prove of Design and Concept
  • Maximise your return on investment
  • Phoenix offers both options, and we provide bespoke simulation in our robot automation projects. Contact Us for more information.

    Why Choose Us?

    Phoenix’s industry-leading service and support ensure that you’ll get the most from the investment. Our consultancy services help clients to realise their projects and solve their technical problems. Robotics involves technical support from mechanical to electrical and robot simulation. We fully understand not only the importance of Cost, Quality, and Delivery but also Aftersale customer support. Contact Us

    If you want to deliver on the robotic promise of reducing costs while improving margins and productivity, we have the skill and determination to help customers complete their projects on time. To discuss how we can give you a cost effective robotic’s solution, call us on +44 (0)1235 823120.

    Phoenix Control Systems Ltd. provide you with the latest simulation technology. Robot Software simulation and programming will help you to save money and time.

    We can guide you through the complete process to deliver the best automation solutions to your business. If you need any assistance in any area regarding automation and robotics, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Consultants to discuss your project or to arrange a meeting at your premises.

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