Industrial Robot Applications benefits: Increase Production – Improve Quality – Reduce costs – Reduce waste materials – Work 24/7.


manufacturing robot applications

Cost-Effective Robot Applications

Robots have already begun to have a profound impact on today’s businesses. However, to sustain and grow in the markets, companies have been looking for a high level of accuracy, speed, cost efficiency, and precision beyond the level of the human workforce. Thus, industrial Robots have already proven they are an essential part of the manufacturing sectors.

The article on RIA, The Robotmakers – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, traces the relationships between the world’s four major robot makers and the first industrial robot and how automation has moved from serving large multinational manufacturers and has become a flexible solution for small and medium-sized businesses.


industrial robot applications

Robotic Automation is helping manufacturers and industrial robots are becoming a powerful tool in the market during the last years. Manufacturers can reach the low unit cost on production with enough flexibility to satisfy specific customer demands.

Manufacturing Applications Solutions

At Phoenix, we are working with companies to get the best of their manufacturing process by integrating robot in their existing operation. Whether it is your first robotic arm or if you want to add another task in your production line. Certainly, we can help you with the installation of the new robot or reprogram the existing robot. However, it is essential to understand the company’s scope. For example to create a robot cell design that fulfils all the requirements, complete the robot simulation to proof the robot design, test the equipment before the installation, and provide the support after the commissioning.

Top Robotic applicaions

Robots perform different tasks with great precision, see some of the most common industrial robot applications:

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