Project Management Support

Project Management Support

Phoenix Control is a specialist in industrial automation systems and robot system integration. Among our engineering solutions, we provide project management support from designing, drawings and installation to the supervision of the project until the completion whether it is robotics or control system integration.

We plan according to specification previously agreed with the customer. This plan is often made with the help of project management. We pride ourselves on providing a solution with a technical in-house design and development team. Besides this, our manufacturing standards are of excellent quality and expert craftsmanship.

We follow high standards regulations and we have fully trained the technical team. In addition, our costs are very competitive and high-quality products. So, we are proud to deliver:
• Affordable costs
• Fast Turnaround
• Design & Development

We will lead our team to achieve the goals of the project, on time and taking into account the budget. Also, we will ensure that all parties work at capacity in order to achieve the scope of the project. For example, check out some of the Automation Case Studies

Project management aids in the identification of the client’s requirements and the fulfilment of every step in detail of the project. However, by planning beforehand will ensure the completion of the automation project on time.

Phoenix fully understands the importance of Cost, Quality, and Delivery. Also, we strongly believe that by providing after-sales customer support is our undoubted success. So, whether your automation project is simple or complex, let’s us know what your needs are? Because there is no limit to help with our project management services.

Our High Standard Accreditation

Phoenix are committed to providing a world class, value adding accreditation service to demonstrate our commitment to consistency, continual improvement and customer satisfaction.

Our project management services follow high standards accreditation.


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