Pharmaceutical Industry


Pharmaceutical industry is continuously searching for new ways to increase productivity by automating their task with industrial robots.

However, we can identify three common areas where the pharmaceutical industry is using robots, for example, medical devices, laboratories, and pharmacies. Recently, robotic sector continuing to grow in some other sectors.

Why is pharmaceutical industry using robots?

  • Robot function in hazardous settings (biological dangers, contamination, toxic chemotherapy)
  • Improved working conditions, reduced risk of accidents, protection of staff
  • Robots provide verifiability
  • Robot are reliable & precise
  • Production safety and higher productivity
  • Easy to clean and to decontaminate
  • Consistently high quality and improved quality control

Robot, not only carry out tasks with an extremely high degree of repeatability, but every step in the process can be documented, recorded and verified automatically. Furthermore, human tends to make mistakes by not setting the right temperature or timer when they place the drug into an oven but robots will perform any task without errors because they are incredibly accurate.

Automated Robots

This industry is just another sector where automation plays an important role. Also, manufacturing robots are widely used in production. Therefore, automated robots have a future in other applications related to medical and life sciences.
Besides, due to the potential hazards and high volumes in pharmacies, some hospitals and more extensive health care clinics utilise robotics to dispense medication.

Robot for Laboratory Tasks

Robotics play a vital role in the assembly and packaging of medical applicances and implants as well as preparing prescriptions for pharmacies or hospitals.

Also, in the manufacturing of medical tools – Robot follows safety and quality standards and maximum precision and productivity.

Robots for Hospital Tasks

Robots combine patient safety with high performance in applications like preparing and dispensing of chemotherapy toxic drugs for patients, filling of syringes or safe handling of cytotoxic drugs.

Patient Tasks

Even though this sector has not been ultimately developing yet, professional in this field are looking to automate also in areas such as biotechnology and patient services.

The fact is that there is a need for patient cares, including the older generation. The idea to have a hospital automated is, without doubt, an excellent solution to the problem that society is facing today.

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