Our Testimonial

Our Testimonial


Robotic proven track record in serving all industries – Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

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Phoenix Control Systems Limited was introduced to us by one of our advisers. We were not so sure about the company’s quality of work but still hired them as we trust our advisor. I have to say that we have not done any mistake by hiring them. Their robot technology is the most advanced one we have ever used in our industry. They also taught our employees how to work with those robot systems. The work that took our staffs to complete in 2 to 3 hours is now completed in only a few minutes thanks to the robot automation system.

Steve De Micoli

Architect, Dfab Studio

One of the greatest experiences of my life is to work with the Phoenix Control Systems Limited. They have completely changed the working style and look of my industry with their modern robotic system. The programming that they provide with their robot system is very easy to work on. My employees have learned to work on them in just a few weeks. Those robots are giving a new direction to the development and growth of my industry. Thanks to the Phoenix for providing such quality robot systems.

Konstantinos Papalexiou

Owner, Neoset Designs Inc.

Recently we have got a very big project from one of my partner company. I would never have completed the work on time without the help of Phoenix Control Systems Limited. With their latest robot technology, we were able to deliver the product on time. Not only that, the working efficiency of my industry is doubled due to their robots. I would like to recommend Phoenix Control Systems Limited to every one of those who is looking for quality work in their budget. The experience that you are going to earn while working with them is priceless.

Carlos Avalos S.

Director, Air Design S.A. de C.V.