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As Robotic integrators, we can help to find new industrial robotic arms and reliable used robots for sale as well as reconditioned robots

Starting with Industrial Robotic Arms

There are two types of robotic’ investments.  First, brand new robot, when investing in a new robotic arm, you need to bear in mind the additional costs involved.  For example, additional automation equipment such as gripper, turntable, safety, and control panel just to mention a few.

Second, you can invest in reconditioned robots.  You can find lots of used robots for sale in the market. However, we suggested contacting an integrator to help you find a certified refurbished robot at a good value.  Let’s discuss in more detail what else is involved with robots.

reconditioned robots


When investing in a new industrial robot or reconditioned robots, it is essential to plan for future expansion or changes. Planning for the future is not always straightforward because you don’t know what the future will bring. However, the first step will be to outline the concepts and then review them with an expert in the field or the project manager in charge of your project.

Therefore, there is a balance between planning for the future and understanding the future needs of the company. However, the budget tend to be a key factor, if you are just starting in robotics and your budget is tight, why not try with reconditioned robots. You can get a certified used robot for half price of the new robot.

Car factory tend to keep production running to keep the pace with the demand. Thus, this sector focus on new robotic arms to work in a diverse of assembly lines robots. For example, spray painting robots, robotic welding, dispensing robots, milling and cutting robots just to mention a few.

Industrial Robotic Arms Key Factors

Once you had got all answers, you may probably like to know what is involved in robotic system automation. First, the safety of the robot is a critical factor for any robotic automation. For example, some of the safety equipment are sensors, guards/cells, locks, vision, and more.

Second, you will require a quality industrial control panel when installing an industrial robot. Finally, a system integrator will be able to design and build based on the requirements and growth of the company.

As mentioned, 0ur strong suggestion is to contact a robot integrator that knows about robotics with experience in automation systems.

Why Start with Reconditioned Robots?

Robot integrator

Reconditioned Robots. Is this something worth considering?

In short, Yes! One of the big advantages of using refurbished robots today is their very competitive price point. You can find so many varieties of used robots for sale but bear in mind the condition of the robot.

For this reason, for companies making their first steps into robotic automation using a reconditioned robot makes perfect sense and allows the company to build up experience without a heavy price tag. However, we need to bear in mind that the choice of the robot with the guidance of a system integrator is essential.  The integrator will have a long experience encompassing an array of previous robotic projects to draw on.

In summary, we will discuss two critical elements to take into account when choosing the robot.

Where to find reliable Used Robots for sale?

Phoenix is a company specialising in industrial automation for over a decade. Therefore, we have many years of experience integrating robots to fall back on when we are helping a customer select both new and reconditioned robots for their particular project. In the event of considering a used robotic arm for sale, please take note of the following guidelines outlining important facts when selecting the robot.

Standard guidelines for Certification of Reconditioned Robots:

  • Checking for backlash and repeatability of each axis is required to confirm that the robot meets the original specification.
  • Replace any components that don’t meet the specifications including gearboxes, motors, and cables.
  • Check for any rusted elements and replace them with new ones.
  • Conduct a full service, changing grease, gearbox oil, and controller batteries.
  • Carry out a full clean, followed by the complete repaint.
  • Load the controller with the latest software revision available for the particular controller.
  • Load any software packages depending on the client’s specifications or applications.
  • Add any other software options for hardware additions including vision, rail, or turntables.
  • Perform an eight-hour runoff at full payload and full speed to ensure that the robot is working correctly.

Learning Path it is crucial to consider the following
When investing in used industrial robots:

  • The version of the robot and its controller.
  • The condition of the internal and external parts of the used robot.
  • Hours of operation for a robot are not necessarily indicative of the robot’s wear and tear.
  • Overall payload including any supplementary loads positioned elsewhere on the robot.
  • Take into account particularly high or very low temperatures in the environment that the robot will operate.
  • Another element to look at is whether the trajectory and operating programs will be hand taught via the teach pendant or generated offline.
  • It is important to confirm whether or when the robot’s motors/gearboxes were changed because the motors and gearboxes are typically the most expensive components that will fail on a robot, starting with the wrist (least expensive) to axis one, or base gearbox and drive motor (most expensive and time-consuming to replace).
  • In addition, don’t assume that your used robot will automatically come with the End-of-Arm tooling. We can provide and help you to find suitable tooling according to your specific applications.

Are you ready to start robotics?

You can find many used robots for sale in the current marketplace. Therefore making the right choice is important, contact a team of experts with a long history in robotic automation. As a result, working with us include but is not limited to proof of concept, engineering, integration, training, and programming. See also Industrial Used Robots for Sale

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