In recent years robots are playing an increasing role in media production for the entertainment industry.

This can range from robots mounted with cameras for carrying out complicated camera shoots where very precise flypasts are required to robots manoeuvring set pieces and actors in a green screen environment.

The use of robots has opened up to directors the possibilities of much more involved special effects stunts where full 360 degrees of motion are required and where the traditional methods don’t have the same degrees of freedom. The added benefit of using robots is that every take has exactly the same path a bonus for directors searching for the best shot.

Some specials effect carried out by industrial robots:

  • “Justice League” Various scenes including car crashs to horse galloping
  • “Pan” Camera Motion Control Syncing and various flying and swimming stunts
  • “Tarzan” Vines
  • “Heart of the Sea” Whaler boat
  • “Jupiter Ascending” Space stunt
  • “Dom Hemingway” Rolls Royce crash
  • “Closed Circuit” Taxi crash
  • “Libertador” Throwing a soldier over a horse
  • “Anna Karenina” Model train filming, Horse coming off the stage and general manipulation of the theatre set pieces
  • “Sherlock Holmes – Game of Shadows” Train stunt and fight scene following down the water fall

The main reasons for choosing robots for camera work and special effects stunts in the entertainment industry

  • Robots will reproduce with high accuracy the required move over and over again
  • Easy and precise translation from VFX output or Pre-Vis to the sought after effect or move
  • The reset time for a move is in the order of seconds saving valuable camera time.

Phoenix work within the entertainment industry in the field of robotics supplying programming services, stunt design, training and maintenance services for the robots employed on set.

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