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Control Panel Builder

Control Panel Builder

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Searching for the right control system integrator can help you guide the project to success and maximise the ROI from an automation project.

Control panel builder needs to be aware of new control system technologies. Additionally, technologies are changing rapidly, and manufacturing automation projects are becoming a challenge due to the complexity, scope and human intervention.

However, when building a control system need to consider several components from different suppliers. For example, the software, safety, electrical elements just to mention some of them. Also, the project manager must ensure that all these components can communicate with each other without any setback. Therefore, technical engineering knowledge is crucial to deliver a top-performing integrated system and to avoid future breakdown.

Minimise Control Systems breakdown

Here are five steps to minimise breakdown in the manufacturing process:

  1. Conducting periodically audit to all automated equipment.
  2. Scheduling walk-throughs supervision throughout the manufacturing process.
  3. Keep training the operator with new technologies.
  4. Software or human-machine interface (HMI) updates
  5. Upgrade the control system components and request the functional specification document.

Phoenix produces and tests all our custom-built industrial control panels in our premises in Liverpool. Besides, we build our control panel components with a range of high-quality and well-known electrical brands.

We have experience working with a very high-demand sector, for example, Pharmaceuticals industry, Waste & water treatment plant, Environmental, Automotive, Marine, Aerospace; Energy and Transport to mention some of them.

Industrial Control Panel Safety Components

Control panels use electrical panel elements that control the flow of power and prevent damage to the systems. Some of these electrical control panel elements are:

Fused Disconnects – Fused are always know as safety electric components and they help to break the flow of electricity. In addition, the metal wire inside the fuse literally burns up on the short circuit.

Circuit Breakers – Breakers is another electric element that can detect short circuit and overload conditions and turn itself Off when it is detected.

Motor Starters – A Starter is a device that controls the use of electrical power to equipment, usually a motor. Likewise, they can also stop and protect power. In addition, starters include a contactor and overload protection to control the motor.

Soft Starters – They protects AC electric motors from damage caused by a sudden motor voltage up or down. Also, they turn the motor on and off more smoothly to eliminate electrical surges and mechanical shock.

Variable Frequency Drives – Controls the motor speed at all times, usually AC motor speed and torque. Hence, they are used in applications ranging from small appliances to large compressors.

Above all, Phoenix builds industrial control panel from our manufacturing premises in Liverpool. Besides, we specialise in designing and manufacturing from simple industrial panels to completely integrated control panels systems.

Likewise, we can modify the existing control panel or remove and replace the current panel to add a new design. Also, we can update all drawings/schematics to reflect all changes

Our High Standard Accreditation

Phoenix is committed to providing a world-class, value-adding accreditation service to demonstrate our commitment to consistency, continual improvement and customer satisfaction.