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Most frequent mistakes made by control panel manufacturers

Control Panel manufacture can build panels, but few can build a long lasting high-quality industrial control panel. However, control panels are not just one more item for the project. For instance, a quality control panel manufacturers are important to production and to maintain the project lifecycle.

Above all, the system integration project managers should have a detailed list of the necessary equipment they will need for a project to allow panel builders enough time to work on the input/output (I/O) of the control panel. Also, it is possible that they may need to do some change as the project progresses. In addition, a system integrator must take the time to ensure the quality and efficiency of the control panel.

In other words, a system integrator will have engineering services along with a panel manufacture plant that centred on design and the building of the panels in order to avoid the most frequent mistakes made by the control panel builders. First of all, see below a detail list of the most frequent mistakes.

Some of the Most frequent mistake made by manufacture

1. Lack of quality control.
2. Components are not labelled or are mislabelled.
3. Loose wires.
4. Not enough room for wiring.
5. Panel not tested.
6. The drawings may not match.
7. Wires not properly terminated.
8. Lack of or badly done thermal calculations for the panel

Types of Control Panel Systems

Every industry will require a specific control panel for the operation of the business. Therefore, there are many types of industrial control panels for all kind of industries such as Pharmaceutical industry, Automotive Industry, Packaging & Machinery, Petrol Pump, Heating Systems, compressors, Security & CCTV Equipment, Nuclear power stations, Belt Control Systems, Access Control Equipment and industrial equipment.

However, a reliable control system integrator would know exactly what to do in every case. All components of the indutrial control systems such as electrical design, electrical panel wiring, the PLC programming or others elements of the panels itself should be the best quality products on the market and well-known brands.

Phoenix builds control panel for high demands sectors. Therefore, we design and install from single or multiple panel build systems, through to full custom integrated systems. We can also modify existing control panels or remove and replace existing panel to add a new design to be fed from the panel. For instance, we provide the Project Management and Progamming PLC & HMI.

Moreover, it is crucial to find a that follow all regulations.

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Industrial Automation Systems How to Stay Competitive

Industrial automation systems offer a variety of automation solutions to help manufacturer. Some industrial automation are more complex than others, for this reason, it is imperative to find an industrial automation companies with experience on this subject.

Starting with automation may be high initial cost but the advantages are worthless, for example some of the most well-known benefits include faster production and cheaper labour costs. Also, automation will carry on with a minimum human intervention while reduce operation time and improved product quality by consistency on the process.

Automation use various Industrial Control Systems to perform the operation of a specific process in factories. Even though, not all process can be automated, it will help manufacturers to stay competitive.

Top elements by using Industrial Control Systems

An important part of Industrial Control Systems include a programmable logic controller(PLC). PLCs are used to synchronize the flow of inputs and outputs and Human-machine interfaces (HMI) will communicate with PLCs and other computers to display any event on the screen. Hence, the operator will monitor the entirely process.

Some most frequent terms related to the industrial automation system include Control Panels, Electrical Control wiring and programming. Therefore, it is important that the system integrator company provides a detail document to help the customers for future expansion.

Industrial Robot Automation

Industrial robot arm are also part of the industrial automation process. Therefore, industrial robots help companies in manufacturing process or harsh environments for human. They are extremely accurate machines.

There are many industrial robot applications from simple robotic welding systems with one single robot arm to more complex procedures in a production line factory which involves several industrial robots or other machines interface.

Why a Robot Integrato?r

A robot integrator will design a robot system according to your needs including robot cell design, robot training or industrial robot programming. They will do the full robotic systems integration using new robot or used industrial robots.

The concepts of the Industrial automation systems are changing is not just industrial control systems or robotic automation systems, but also the new introduction of the digital transformation or Internet of Things (IOT). It means, the main goal of companies is not only automating operation process, but also fully automating the data.

Digital Tranformation or Internet of Things

While the vast majority of respondents, more than 80%, say their organizations see digital technology as an opportunity, only 26% say their companies see it as a risk. The fact is what is good for one company can be just as good for another — competitors may be able to quickly catch up, see more Detoitte Report.

Whatever the end state of digital transformation turns out to be, reaching it is not simply about technology. Digital transformation is the product of strategy, culture and leadership. Digital transformation is about strategy, networking, culture changes, and process analysis.

Industrial Automation Trends

Understanding the existing Industrial automation trends would guide companies to take the best partner to implement the transformation and which of them are the most reliable and experienced.

Phoenix would keep our customers updated with the latesst news related to Industrial Automation in the UK. Our customers sucess is our success.