Application of Robots in Manufacturing

Application of Robots in Manufacturing has changed the way businesses operate around the world in 2020

Application of Robots in Manufacturing

The industry has had to re-think and optimise their operations by considering some new factors.

Application of Robots in Manufacturing has changed the way businesses operate around the world in 2020. Manufacturing is always looking for the most affordable way to continue doing business and keep production running.  While some organisations can work remotely, others require workers to be on-site to continue with production. For example, integrating robots or updating a control system.

Spanish flu, Black fewer, or Ebola had caused devasting results in humankind.  Today, we have the Covid-19, a new challenge that is changing the way businesses operate around the world.

There are new factors that manufacturing needs to consider. This article will discuss these new factors.

Healthy and Safety in the Workplace

Health and safety in the workplace is the focus that is driving organisations in order to match the new requirements generated from the government’s latest guidelines.

Some businesses were reluctant to optimise their operations, but they are reconsidering this stance and looking at the possibility to adopt new technology. For example, video meetings or using digital technology to help the staff to work from home and keep safe.

Likewise, manufacturers are optimising their plant operations by integrating robots or including industrial automation in their processes. In this way, they are protecting their employees.

Risk Assessments Analysis

The COVID-19 pandemic forces us to keep a distance from one another in the workplace, whether on the shop floor or office. Thereby, the best way to ensure worker wellbeing is to provide them with new tools and devices to perform their tasks.

Companies may need more sophisticated cloud-based management systems or web-integrated approaches. Thereby, log data will record incidents in real-time. Also, it will allow to effectively organise, structure and run the business for maximum efficiency and performance all in one place.

New technology means new challenges. For example, risk assessments are essential and improved data security could be a factor to consider when a business empowers staffs with modern technology.

Even though it is not straightforward, companies will have more productive employees able to connect and collaborate from around the world.

 Manufacturing Automation

Manufacturing optimisation processes, rather than being merely a way to automate jobs, can enhance the way we look after each other. Depending on the industry, the optimisation, and customisation that is carried out can vary.

For example, car manufacturers are optimising their processes by using robotic systems, and they are automating their entire operation with new or updated control automation systems.

New automation systems used to be a synonym for job losses or extra expenses but not anymore. Industries across the world have responded to the unprecedented events of 2020 with innovation, taking health and safety as the focus. Small and medium businesses in the UK are adopting robot automation to protect employee wellbeing.

Robotics Industry

Robot manufacturers are introducing more than ever collaborative robots that ensure the distance between their staff.  Thereby, this particular type of industrial robot can work alongside humans. At the same time, they can keep working after working hours to meet a production deadline.

Robotics not only protects employees, but it helps to keep production running while employees are furloughed. Thus, welding robots, milling robots, painting robots and assembly automation systems are some of the most common manufacturing applications today.

As a systems integrator, we recommend considering robotic systems as part of the health and safety measures for your staff.  In this way, manufacturing enhances and continue with your production.

Thereby, to respond to the unprecedented events of 2020, manufacturers need to innovate or look for new methods. Likewise, engaging with customers and providing continuous support to their needs.

At Phoenix Control Systems, we will continue fully serving our clients consistent with reasonable safety measures. The well-being of our clients and our people is our priority. Our goal is to support both through the challenging days to come. Likewise, as robotic and control system integrator, we always look for modern technologies to provide the best options to our customers.  Our industrial automation and robotics services are providing globally.