Robotic Milling

Robotic Milling can make the milling process more flexible. Any object – wood, plastic and metal, carbon fiber, aluminium – of any size or shape can be milled by simply adjusting the end-effector of the robot and the robot programming.

Robotic Milling

The three-main difference between Robotic Milling and CNC Machine:

  • 1. Robotic Milling are cheaper than CNC Machines
  • 2. Robotic Milling ensure high degree of flexibility
  • 3. CNC Machine are more expensive

Robots can be used by any kind of industry from food, aerospace, palletising, cutting, etc., There is an increase in the use of industrial robot, we cannot ignore the advantages that robotic bring to the world. All this is even more impressive when you look at flexibility of a robot cell design and the number and type of jobs that they can perform.

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